Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300


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•Brand: Xiaomi

•Model: Ionic Hair Dryer H300

•Compacted: 9.5cm body

•20m/s SuperWind Speed

•Temperature: 57°C

•Rated Power: 1600W

•Voltage: 220V/50Hz

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Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300

9.5 cm ultra-short casing | 20 m/s super large airflows | 50 million negative ions | 57°C smart temperature control

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Overview:

•Comfortable to hold, light, and handy for travel:

The innovative structure comes with an ultra-short casing, no longer than a stick of lipstick, which allows for a comfortable grip. Easily bring it with you while traveling for added assurance.

•Turbofan blades to produce strong and stable airflow:

Drawing from the working principle of aircraft turbine engines, a unique design featuring curved blades and an air outlet reduces losses of wind power and effectively improves airspeed. The high-performance motor produces a strong airflow that quickly evaporates moisture without requiring high temperatures.

•Comfortable temperature to protect your hair:

The temperature is detected 60 times per second and the result is directly sent to the microprocessor to adjust the air temperature in real-time and make sure that the temperature remains stable at 57℃. Scientific temperature control prevents hair damage and helps your hair maintain its healthy sheen.

•Dry quickly without damaging your hair and leave for work feeling refreshed:

Not all hair dryers can reach a drying rate of 6.1 g/min*. The strong airflow allows the moisture to evaporate quickly, reducing the time spent drying your hair, whether early in the morning or before going to bed.

•Smoother and shinier hair:

The built-in ion generator can release as many as 50 million negative ions in its strong airflow, which reduces static electricity, prevents frizz, flattens hair cuticles, and gives your hair a lustrous shine. It also affords a quick and gentle dry to improve the health of your hair.


Compacted: 9.5cm body with an easy-to-hold handle
20m/s SuperWind Speed
50 Million Negative ions
60 times/second NTC temperature check
Temperature: Intelligent constant temperature 57°C
360 degree double anti-scalding nozzle (Safe and Fast Shaping)
Rated Power: 1600W
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Product Size: L= 13.50 x W=7.70 x H= 21.50cm


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